We met Alexis and Wes, only a couple months before their wedding and had a blast at their engagement shoot. We love it when the guy actually enjoys getting pictures done with his girl! We had the pleasure of joining them at their rehearsal dinner, which included some of the best live music I have heard and HILARIOUS and heartfelt toasts. Alexis and Wes have taught us to be flexible, these two found out their previous venue was flooded in the torrential downpour of Houston and had to basically re-plan out their wedding venue in 3 days!! The venue was moved to the Corinthian, which was breathtaking the minute you walked in, flowers of every shade of pink that you could imagine. The wedding party was packed with 30, 15 ladies, and 15 guys, this made for a party from the start! Not to mention, this crew had the most selfie sticks and Yeti cups that one has ever seen at a wedding. Alexis and Wes, it was a true pleasure to join you on your big day, thanks for making us laugh along the way!

We wish you two the very best!

Erika Fullick and Jennifer Bush
Meeker Pictures